University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) as enabler of talent enhancement. Re-skilling and up-skilling to meet new demands

Now more than ever, there is a growing recognition that education is a lifelong process, and that it plays a crucial role in addressing the most significant challenges that Europe is facing today. Technology has proven to be an indispensable tool in tackling societal challenges and in overcoming unexpected situations, such as the pandemic. However, the digitalisation process, which has already significantly transformed our societies, must also ensure citizens’ active participation in democratic decision-making, help to create better and fairer workplaces, and support sustainable development. 

Universities are in a unique position to equip learners with the necessary skills and expertise  they need to play an active part in these processes and to adapt to our rapidly changing societies.

In order to ensure learner-centredness, flexibility is key to University Lifelong Learning. We therefore invite you to join eucen this autumn to explore flexible learning within ULLL. Join us on Thursday 17 November and Friday 18 November in Barcelona. We will provide a unique opportunity for ULLL staff to engage in practical activities and wide-ranging discussions around the topic of flexible learning and professional learning within higher education. In addition, participants will have a chance to network with colleagues from across Europe and to present their own work on these topics during a poster session. Participants who wish to present their work during the seminar may also submit abstracts.

The topic of this year

In light of the constant labour market demands for different and better skills, ULLL plays a key role in delivering the required training. Universities provide technology-based teaching and learning approaches to support continuing education of individuals and to address skill requirements of the labour market. How are HE-VET institutions meeting this demand? Through which tools can ULLL help learners develop their full economic potential? How can learners’ new skills be made visible and be recognised? And, how can ULLL remain ahead of the labour market demands and offer programmes relevant to the industry?


The Autumn Seminar is structured to stimulate dialogue, gather new ideas and work together towards new projects and collaborations. We have allowed time for interaction and open discussion.

On the first day

The dialogue between university, industry and learner will launch the topic. The discussion will be opened to the participants, who will be invited to comment or ask questions.

To end the day, a networking cocktail will take place. Talk informally with peers. Catch up with colleagues that you know and have not seen for a while. Afterwards participants will be shown to the restaurant where we will have our seminar dinner to continue with pleasant networking.

The work in the first afternoon will be live-streamed as part of the eucen Open Fora 2022.

On the second day

You have the chance to present your work – in close connection with the seminar topic – and discuss it with colleagues during the poster session. Send your abstracts following this link.

The parallel sessions that follows will provide an opportunity to gain new perspectives and discuss with other participants. We will have four topics, and participants will be allowed to choose one in each parallel session:

  • Parallel session 1 – Microcredentials and how to use them OR eBadges and how to create them
  • Parallel session 2 – Guidance for career management OR Student-centred design and paths to achieve it

We will open the space to talk about new EU-funding Calls and to allow participants to interact and set up possible alliances for new proposals.

The day will finish with a presentation of the forthcoming 53rd eucen conference in Utrecht (NL) – University continuing education with impact: the power of connection!

If you have any questions, please contact the eucen Secretariat at events@eucen.eu.